1985: Board Certification – D.A. (Diploma in Anesthesia), Faculty of Anesthetists of The Royal College Of England, London.

1987: Board Certification – F.F.A.R.C.S.I., Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Faculty of Anesthesia.

1990: Board Certification – American Board of Anesthesiology.

Author Pramod Kerkar MD, FFARCSI is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and also Board Certified by Royal College of Anesthesiology of Ireland. Dr. Kerkar has experience in pain management for 35 years. He is a Chief Editor and author of WebSite www.epainassist.com. He has written and edited over 10,000 articles for epainassist.com.
Backache is the most common cause of pain and suffering in all age groups. A most effective treatment that can eliminate the backache depends on finding the cause of back pain. The author feels the individual who has some knowledge of the anatomy of back and understanding of the cause of pain, will choose the most appropriate treatment. The book has 24 chapters over 140 color images. The most chapter includes multiple images and a simple description that non-medical individual can understand. One can avoid aggressive treatment if the cause of pain is not threatening nerve injury. The causes and symptoms of backache are different in children, elderly individuals,and the pregnant female. Book also includes topics that describe back pain in children, elderly and pregnant females. One of the chapters also discusses the high cost of treatment of backache. One of the chapters also describes the financial burden on individuals suffering from chronic backache and their families.
The purpose of writing this book is to make individuals suffering from back pain to understand the cause of pain and avoid aggressive treatment. The author also wants to share the published data that suggests most backaches do go away with time and conservative treatment.

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