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My purpose of writing this book on backache is to make individuals suffering from back pain to understand the cause of pain and avoid aggressive treatment. I also want to share the published data that suggests most backaches do go away with time and conservative treatment. My goal of writing this book on back pain is to educate individuals suffering with backache to choose the treatment that is less harmful. Avoid opioids and surgery for hoping to get quick relief.

Author: Pramod kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Chapter 1: Back Pain: Symptom & Anatomy
Chapter 2: Causes of Back Pain
Chapter 3: Back Pain Caused by Skin Injuries & Diseases
Chapter 4: Diseases of Muscles
Chapter 5: Diseases of Tendon & Ligaments
Chapter 6: Bulge Herniation & Degenerative Disc Diseases
Chapter 7: Radiculopathy: Nerve Pain
Chapter 8: Facet Joint Disease: Cause of Back Pain
Chapter 9: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)
Chapter 10: Diseases of Spinal Epidural Space
Chapter 11: Spinal Epidural Abscess
Chapter 12: Diseases of Spine or Vertebral Column
Chapter 13: Osteomyelitis: Infection of the vertebra (Bone infection
Chapter 14: Spondylolisthesis
Chapter 15: Spinal stenosis (Narrowing of the spinal canal)
Chapter 16: Foraminal Stenosis
Chapter 17: Primary or Metastatic cancer of vertebra
Chapter 18: Fracture of Vertebra
Chapter 19: Cancer and Back Pain
Chapter 20: Back Pain in Children
Chapter 21: Back Pain in Elderly Population: Causes & Treatment
Chapter 22: Low Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain During Pregnancy
Chapter 23: Financial Burden & Impact
Chapter 24: All About Back Pain

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