Shopping Policy


Effective June 1st, 2019

The shopping policy of Painguru.net is for downloadable books sold and published on the web site www.painguru.net, as well as other items that may be sold in the future. The policy also describes the method of payments, downloading the book and canceling the download of a book sold online.

Method of Payment-

The payment is received for the book sold at Painguru.net by https://www.paypal.com.  Painguru.net accepts credit and debit card such as VISA, Master as well as American Express paid via Paypal payment gateway. We do not accept cash, check on delivery, check payment or money order. Please read “Privacy Policy” and “About us” on the web site of paypal.com. The personal information collected by paypal.com to process a payment is according to their policy. None of the information collected at the paypal.com site is shared or retained by painguru.net.

Customer Service-

You can send an email to sales@painguru.net for any quarries and questions.

Policy to Purchase and Download Book-

Books are sold for a price described on painguru.net. Books are sold via download option only. Once the book or books (.pdf) are downloaded there will no refund issued. Once you had attempted to download the books and you suggest you cannot download we will assist to download the book or we will email the copy of the book. You have 3 attempts to complete the download. After 3 attempts you will not be able to download.

Return and Refund Policy-

Once the book is downloaded you cannot request or make an attempt to return the book. The return policy is to suggest that once you purchase the book to download you cannot return or ask for a refund. The book cannot be returned and a refund is not available.